The aim of the Tallahassee Business Podcast is to introduce you to the influencers and key topics that affect daily life in the great city of Tallahassee. The podcast will give our audience a unique and entertaining insight into the life of business leaders, change-makers, and community members. The Tallahassee Business Podcast is presented by Event Owl.

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Ep. 30 – Learn How a Tallahassee Company is Shaping the Future of State and National Associations by Driving Member Engagement – Bennett Napier, President & CEO of Partners In Association Management

After getting his Master’s Degree at FSU, Bennett Napier jumped into the Tallahassee community by accepting a job offer with Bob Harris of Harris Management Group. Soon after, he got the opportunity to open his own firm and Partners in Association Management was born. What started as a one-man operation out of Napier’s home “with […]

Ep. 29 – Discover How an Experienced Performing Arts Producer is Bringing World-Class Acts to Tallahassee through FSU’s Opening Nights Program

After a career presenting, producing and managing performing arts across the country, Dr. Michael Blachly landed in Tallahassee as the Director of Opening Nights at Florida State University. His prior experience includes similar Performing Arts production roles at places such as the University of Florida, UCLA, University of Hawaii, Colorado State University, University of Tennessee, […]

Ep. 28 – How a Passionate Community Advocate is Using a Local Organization to Impact a National Problem – Liz Joyner

“People are really hard to hate close up, no matter what your disagreements are on politics,” says Liz Joyner, Founder, and CEO of the Village Square. That mantra is part the founding principals of the Village Square, an organization that touts a mission of “building bridges across the partisan divide and to have wonderful, engaging, […]

Ep. 27 – How Exponential Thinking Can Shape the Future of Your Company – Yuh-Mei Hutt, President, Golden Lighting

Yuh-Mei Hutt is one of Tallahassee’s most dedicated business leaders. Best known as President of Golden Lighting, her nationally reaching custom lighting company, Hutt also serves as Chair of the Domi Station Board of Directors. Fresh off of hosting a breakout session at the Chamber’s 2019 Annual Community Conference, she joins the podcast to discuss […]

Ep. 26 – How Steve Evans uses authentic mentorship to shape companies and community

Steve Evans, Retired IBM Executive, Recipient of 2017 Distinguished Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award and mentor to business leaders in Tallahassee joins this episode of the Chamber Podcast. As an attendee to the recent 2019 Annual Community Conference, Steve shares his insight on the success of the weekend. He also walks us through his career at […]

Ep. 25 – Top Tips to Maximize your experience at the 2019 Annual Community Conference – Blake Dowling

When Blake Dowling attended the Chamber Conference for the first time 14 years ago, he had a much different strategy than he does today. Blake joins this episode of the Chamber Podcast to give newcomers and seasoned attendees alike his top 3 tips for making the most out of your time at the Chamber Conference. […]

Ep. 24 – Joe Manausa, Joe Manausa Real Estate “How a Seasoned Real Estate Entrepreneur Positions His Business in Digital World

You’ve heard the name around town, seen a billboard or clicked on a link for a home you are dreaming about, Joe Manausa, of Joe Manausa Real Estate joins the Chamber Podcast to share his insight in the emerging trends in local residential real estate. Joe Manausa has deep roots in Tallahassee and when he […]

Ep. 23 – Richard Darabi, Moore Bass Consulting “How a Local Engineer is Helping Young Professionals Engage with the Business Community”

Richard Darabi, Project Manager at Moore Bass Consulting joins the latest episode of the Chamber Podcast. Richard, Chair of the Access Tallahassee Advisory Council talks about his experience as a young professional in Tallahassee and the opportunities and events Access offers for the next generation of local leaders.

Ep. 22 – Melissa VanSickle, Leadership Tallahassee (LT 29)

Melissa VanSickle, Chair of the Leadership Tallahassee Board of Governors joins this episode of the podcast. As a Tallahassee native, Melissa shares how LT helped her get even more connected to her hometown while also developing a diverse network of friends & colleagues, and gain leadership skills that would propel her through her career and […]

Ep. 21 Part II – Skip Foster, Tallahassee Democrat

Skip Foster, Publisher of the Tallahassee Democrat, joins the Chamber podcast for part II of a conversation about his career, the everyday triumphs and tribulations of a news team, life as a newspaper publisher and his take on some of Tallahassee’s top issues including crime, economic growth and more. This conversation with Skip covered so […]

Ep. 21 Part I – Skip Foster, Tallahassee Democrat

Skip Foster, Publisher of the Tallahassee Democrat, joins the Chamber podcast to talk through his career, the everyday triumphs and tribulations of a news team, life as a newspaper publisher and his take on some of Tallahassee’s top issues including crime, economic growth and more. “I’ve got a long fuse in my business, but it […]

Ep. 20 – Rick Grant & Lee Hinkle

On this episode of the Chamber Podcast, Rick Grant and Lee Hinkle. Both guests are members of the Chamber’s Local Government and Community Study Committee and they each attended the recent Community Trip to Greenville, South Carolina. Listen in while Rick, Lee and Chamber VP Jay Revell reflect on the committee’s work and how the […]

Ep. 19 – Kevin Graham, FSU Real Estate Foundation

Kevin Graham, Executive Director of the FSU Real Estate Foundation joins the podcast to share his take on the future of the Florida State University Campus. Kevin sheds some light on recent and upcoming projects, while also showcasing his unique personal history in the real estate industry and what his family loves about living in […]

Ep. 18 – Downtown Tallahassee Walking Tour

This episode of the podcast is an audio walking tour of Downtown Tallahassee. The tour is led by Chamber VP Jay Revell and begins and ends at the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. The episode features a short interview with Elizabeth Emmanuel, Chief Executive Officer for the Downtown Improvement Authority.

Ep. 17 – Slaton Murray, NAI TALCOR

Slaton Murray, Commercial Advisor for NAI TALCOR and Access Tallahassee Council Member joins the Talchamber podcast. As a Tallahassee local, he shares his story about the factors that drove his decision to start a career in Tallahassee after he graduated from Florida State University. Slaton shares insight on up-and-coming projects, the real estate trends happening […]

Ep. 16 – Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey

On this episode, Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey joins Chamber VP and long-time friend Jay Revell on the show to talk through many topics on the minds of Tallahassee residents. Mayor Dailey, who refers to himself as Tallahassee’s lead Cheerleader, shares his insight on key topics affecting everyday life in Tallahassee. He talks about his main […]

Ep. 15 – Mayor Knox White, Greenville, SC

Mayor Knox White joins this episode of the Chamber Podcast to share insight on the past 20+ years of growth, community development and strategic planning in Greenville, SC. As the Chamber prepares to embark on a Community Leadership Trip to Greenville, sponsored by Moore, Mayor Knox White shares his thoughts and the key ideas he […]

Ep. 14 – Joseph Alter, FSU Student & Chamber Board Member

On this episode of the Chamber podcast, Florida State University Masters Student, Joseph Alter joins us to talk about his experience serving as a student representative on the Chamber Board. Joseph joined the Chamber board in October 2018 as the first student representative.He shares insight on what he has learned and the connections he has made […]

Ep. 13 – Featuring Superintendent Rocky Hanna & School Board Chair Rosanne Wood

Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna and School Board Chair Rosanne Wood join this episode of the podcast to share information about the state of our schools in Tallahassee. Superintendent Hanna shares information about some of the challenges and triumphs the school system faces, while Chair Rosanne Wood sheds some light on the priorities and […]

Ep. 12 – Dominick Ard’is – ACT House

Dominick Ard’is, Founder and CEO of ACT House, joins the podcast to share behind the scenes information on this unique new accelerator that is helping shape the skills of young entrepreneurs in Tallahassee. Dom gives us the story behind the tagline “One Year. One House. One Startup.” and shares his take on the entrepreneurial ecosystem […]