Ep. 67 – Supporting the Tallahassee Economy Through a Mutual Love of Food – JH Leale, Tallahassee Foodies

In this episode of the Tallahassee Business Podcast, presented by 223 Agency, Sue Dick talks with JH Leale, one of the founders of Tallahassee Foodies, a community made up of residents focused on “Celebrating Local Flavor”.

Leale explains that the group was originally created by his wife, Jennifer, to connect with some work friends who loved to discuss and try local restaurants, but it quickly became a popular resource for the entire community. Now with over 48,000 highly engaged members and a well-known name in the community, Tallahassee Foodies is leading a charge to help local restaurants recover from COVID-19 that they call the “Tallahassee Restaurant Blitz”.

For more information about how to get involved in the Tallahassee Restaurant Blitz, visit www.tallahasseefoodies.com.