Community & Prosperity

The Tallahassee Chamber believes there is a correlation between a strong business community and high quality of life and when businesses prosper and high-quality paying jobs are available there are opportunities for the private sector and nonprofits to work together to help employees and residents prosper. Through programs and initiatives focused on poverty, educational resource gaps and neighborhood collaboration, the Chamber is working to strengthen the prosperity, livability and safety of our community.


Strengthen the prosperity, livability, and safety of our community.


  • Advance recommendations and strategies from the Housing Affordability workgroup report. Progress at least two of the six strategies through engagement with housing advocates, workgroup members, and local government.
  • Grow Classroom Connection program to sponsor all kindergarten classrooms within each of our Title 1 elementary schools, helping to close educational resource gaps and improve reading levels.
  • Assist in minority business growth through the launch of a Minority Business Accelerator program.
  • Support initiatives within the Prosperity Leon committee that will decrease the poverty rate and reduce the wealth gap in our community.


  • Classroom Connection
    A partnership between the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, World Class Schools, and Leon County Schools that allows the business community to support students and teachers in our Title 1 elementary schools as they start their educational journey. As part of the Chamber’s focus on community, prosperity, and education, the classroom adoption program is an investment in the next generation of our workforce.

  • Prosperity LEON
    A community initiative led by the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce to address areas of critical need in the community. The initial Prosperity Leon Impact Zone includes portions of the 32305 and 32310 zip codes and surrounding neighborhoods in Tallahassee’s Southside.