TalentHub is an interactive career development platform that links recruitment, skill building, and career navigation into one comprehensive system. This data-driven platform connects job seekers with employers and integrates demands for new-skilling, new employer-advised programs, training tools and other opportunities.

For job seekers… TalentHub helps you find and keep a career that brings you purpose, prosperity and growth in the new economy. Use Career Cards to find the career you want. Build your skills and employability with TalentHub Learning. Find the job you want and apply directly with Talent Hub. Stay on TalentHub and continue to upskill, to prepare for your next promotion!

For employers… TalentHub helps local businesses get the skilled workers they need to succeed. Employers can post jobs and track an applicant’s progress as they fulfill the requirements set by the employer to ensure a most effective match. By the time a potential employee makes it to a business’ inbox, employers have greater assurance that the potential hire has the skills that the employer needs, as well as the perseverance to pursue their career.

The TalentHub platform provides ready-to-use training in all facets of business, featuring topics such as basic work skills, manufacturing, cyber-security, interpersonal skills, hospitality and much more. Consistent education keeps long-standing employee/employer relationships rich with learning and growth — a rising tide lifts all boats.

For educators… TalentHub features services designed specifically for teachers. The TalentHub system provides teachers with a teacher ‘dashboard’ which allows teachers to view the progress of the students in their school as they interact with the TalentHub system. The dashboard includes links to custom-built lesson plans and access to live streaming events.

Students can engage with their own career exploration and career path trajectories through extensive career resource offerings. TalentHub provides access to hundreds of “Career Card” videos that explore careers through the eyes of real people working real jobs and are linked to other resources, such as average salaries, links to relevant education and job postings. TalentHub is a platform dedicated to building a world in service of that pivotal moment where a student thinks, “Hey, I could do that!”

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