Talent, Workforce, & Education

With a goal to elevate our region as the Talent Capital of Florida driving job creation and education opportunities, we have launched initiatives to accomplish this.


Talent Hub is a platform designed to assist the entire workforce eco-system with exploring careers, building skills, and finding jobs. This data-driven platform connects job seekers with employers and integrates demands for new-skilling, new employer-advised programs, training tools, and other opportunities.

Talent Hub links recruitment skill-building, and career navigation into one connected platform. Register your business today to connect with qualified candidates, access job seeker resumes, and training results of potential employees.


What is Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM)? A demand-driven, employer-led approach to close the skills gap that builds talent supply chains aligned to dynamic business needs. The demands of today’s economy require a strategic alignment between classroom and career, so through this approach, employers play an expanded leadership role as “end-customers” of our education and training systems. TPM® is a workforce strategy for our time that can meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment.

Talent Pipeline Management Generously Supported by


  • Connecting companies to quality employees through the expansion of the Tally Job Hop, which introduces top university students to employers
  • Growing the Chamber’s program for young professionals, Access Tallahassee
  • Enhancing the perception of Tallahassee as a career destination through the Talent Lives Here marketing campaign
  • Linking the business community with our local K-12 school system through the World Class Schools program