Talent, Workforce, & Education


Elevate our region as the Talent Capital of Florida by addressing talent gap shortages, driving job creation, and promoting educational opportunities.



  • ASPIRE Capital Region
    The Greater Tallahassee Chamber is proud to be a founding member of ASPIRE, a collective impact that leverages the assets of partner organizations and community stakeholders to bridge the gaps in the effort to scale education and workforce opportunities for students in the community.
  • Community Talent Plan
    The One Vision Community Talent Plan is a collective vision developed to break down silos in our community, pool resources and leverage them to create systems-level changes that ensure sustainability, and create opportunities to expand our workforce and training programs through grant funding. 
  • TalentHub
    TalentHub is an interactive career development platform that links recruitment, skill-building and career navigation into one comprehensive system. This data-driven platform connects job seekers with employers and integrates demands for new skilling, new employer-advised programs, training tools and other opportunities.
  • Talent Pipeline Management
    The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce facilitates the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) model, an employer-led and demand-driven approach to closing the skills gap. These industry-specific groups are for businesses to create and manage talent ‘supply chains’ by projecting talent needs and aligning those with education and workforce development systems.
  • Tally Job Hop
    The Tally Job Hop is a half-day tour for students to visit some of North Florida’s top businesses that are looking for interns and employees from our local universities. At each stop, students learn about a company’s corporate culture, what type of projects they are working on and most importantly, what types of internships and jobs are available.
  • Worlds of Work
    Worlds of Work, or WOW for fun, is a hands-on career expo hosted in partnership by the Talent Development Council. At WOW, local economic and workforce development partners bring ten industry-specific worlds of opportunities to life for over 3,000 ninth-grade students, teachers, and parents in our area. The purpose of WOW is to create awareness of the many high-demand, high-wage job opportunities that exist in North Florida early enough in high school that students may plan their pathway and graduate with a plan in place and well on their way to college or career.
  • Skills-Based Hiring
    Skills-Based Hiring is a talent recruitment strategy in which companies identify and evaluate skills and competencies to fill open positions, recognizing that pedigree is not the same as competency. This holistic process can reduce bias, and add consistency and intentionality to the hiring process. The Chamber offers workshops for businesses wanting to implement SBH in their hiring practices.