Community Talent Plan

What is the Community Talent Plan?

The One Vision Community Talent Plan is a collective vision developed to break down silos in our community, pool resources and leverage them to create systems-level changes that ensure sustainability and create opportunities to expand our workforce and training programs through grant funding. 

Overseen by the Talent Development Council, the plan was developed through diligent processes of gathering stakeholder input, conducting qualitative research, formulating strategic recommendations, creating an implementation plan, and establishing performance metrics in order to accurately measure success.

Three strategic priorities were identified:

  • Create a More Efficient Workforce Development Ecosystem
  • Develop a Pipeline of Highly Skilled Talent
  • Promote Access to Training and Employment Opportunities to Targeted Populations

Why is this plan important?

Due to recent events such as the pandemic, more workforce development dollars are available than ever before from both the public and private sectors. The one common element funders are seeking is community-wide collaboration. By recognizing this trend in 2021 and developing this plan of action, we have already been successful in securing funding for several initiatives benefiting our community. As a community, we are working to solve the talent and workforce challenges that will ensure better outcomes.

What is the Talent Development Council?

The Talent Development Council is a local collaborative of organizations focused on creating a more efficient workforce development ecosystem, developing a pipeline of highly skilled talent, and promoting access to training and employment opportunities. Members include Keith Bowers (Office of Economic Vitality), Jim McShane (CareerSource Capital Region), Shelly Bell (Tallahassee Community College), BJ Van Camp (Lively Technical College), Terrie Ard (Moore, Inc.) and Corrie Melton (Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce).