Business Advocacy

The Chamber is driven by a pro-jobs agenda, outlining where we stand on the issues important to talent supply and education; innovation and economic development; community growth; business climate, and quality of life. Through the three strategic priorities, Economic Competitiveness & Business Climate, Talent, Workforce & Education, and Community & Prosperity, the Chamber is focused on elevating and engaging in local issues and the political process. There is no other organization focused on reaching every business, elected official, and citizen in this region to advance a pro-jobs agenda.


Elevate and engage in local issues and the political process. Advocacy efforts to be driven by a pro-business agenda outlining where we stand on the issues important to our areas of focus.


  • Developing and promoting a pro-business agenda, communicating our views across all Chamber channels as an ongoing marketing effort. Identifying and monitoring pro-jobs and pro-business issues and providing updates to membership. Engaging members to advocate for pro-job/pro-business policies.
  • Engaging directly with candidates by creating questionnaires and podcasts. Inviting elected officials to present to the Business Advocacy Committee (BAC) and Chamber Board of Directors.
  • Increasing engagement with city/county leadership. Conducting meetings with City of Tallahassee Manager/Leon County administrator and key leadership to cross-share priorities and expand engagement. Continuing engagement and support with the Office of Economic Vitality.