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“Tallahassee Has A Lot to Be Grateful for in Q4” – Sha’Ron James, Berger Singerman

Berger Singerman, with 85 attorneys in four offices, is Florida’s business law firm. We are an award-winning firm with a talented team of forward-thinking attorneys who are passionate, creative problem solvers who leverage a collaborative approach to give clients a competitive edge. Our attorneys are widely respected and recognized for their exceptional work both in […]

Tallahassee Primary Care Associates Offers New Technology to Detect Early Signs of Breast Cancer

Tallahassee Primary Care Associates (TPCA) recently announced the launch of their 3D mammography program with the addition of their new Selenia® Dimensions® Mammography System, available to TPCA patients. Tomosynthesis mammography, also known as 3D mammography, is a breast imaging tool designed to work in tandem with conventional mammography. During the 3D portion of these exams, […]

Modernizing Healthcare to Address Aging Population – Capital Health Plan

Capital Health Plan (CHP) will soon be offering a modern new option to meet the health care needs of our growing membership when we open our new Metropolitan Health Center in Northeast Tallahassee this fall. The facility will be located off Thomasville Rd. near I-10, and will be the first CHP patient care facility to […]

James Moore Announces Promotions

James Moore and Co., P.L. (James Moore) is pleased to announce that Smoak Allen, Michelle Blakemore, Debbie Cronin, Hilary Cyr, Wayne Durrett, Josh Ellis, Hannah Ginn, Kevin Holbert, Jordan Irvan, C.J. Leonard, Ning Liu, Brendan McKitrick, Kyle Paxton, Farah Rajaee, Daniel Roccanti, Daktoa Spencer, Angie Taff, Davis Waldorff and Jackie Walsh have been promoted. Allen, […]

“Going Vertical” – Jehna Winger, DAG Architects

I always say the toughest part of my morning is going from horizontal to vertical.  Before I plant my feet on the floor, I “snooze” in multiple 9-minute increments.  While it may appear as though I’m dozing and delaying, I really use these quiet moments to day-dream and reflect, plan my work, play out conversations […]

“Home Sweet Home” Bank of America’s New Home Grant Program – David Hulse, Bank of America

For many families in Tallahassee, and across the country, home ownership, among other things, provides meaningful financial benefit (such as wealth appreciation and income tax benefit) In addition to financial benefits, studies have shown that home ownership for a family also meaningfully improves (a) children’s educational achievement, (b) civic/community participation, (c) physical and psychological health […]

“Bottoms Up” A Look Through a Pint Glass at the Beer and Beverage Industry, Trends and New Innovations – Tri-Eagle Sales

The beer industry, trends, and inspired new creations are ever-changing. As a beverage distributor, it’s important that we spend time researching and discovering new brands we believe consumers with various beer palates will enjoy all year long. How do we do this? We sample beer! We’re proud to say, and we’ll brag for a moment, […]

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