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“Home Sweet Home” Bank of America’s New Home Grant Program – David Hulse, Bank of America

For many families in Tallahassee, and across the country, home ownership, among other things, provides meaningful financial benefit (such as wealth appreciation and income tax benefit) In addition to financial benefits, studies have shown that home ownership for a family also meaningfully improves (a) children’s educational achievement, (b) civic/community participation, (c) physical and psychological health […]

“Bottoms Up” A Look Through a Pint Glass at the Beer and Beverage Industry, Trends and New Innovations – Tri-Eagle Sales

The beer industry, trends, and inspired new creations are ever-changing. As a beverage distributor, it’s important that we spend time researching and discovering new brands we believe consumers with various beer palates will enjoy all year long. How do we do this? We sample beer! We’re proud to say, and we’ll brag for a moment, […]

“Internships Offer a Win-Win for Students and Businesses” – Liz Hirst, Florida State University

Florida State University is fortunate to be part of a community that values its three higher education institutions, campuses that are teeming with talented students who are preparing for future careers. Strong partnerships between the business community and our college campuses are undoubtedly, mutually beneficial. By working closely with the Tallahassee Chamber, Florida State can […]

“Answers to the Top 7 Mortgage Questions” – Bill Moore, Synovus

A home is usually the biggest purchase we make in our lifetime — one that carries a lot of emotional and financial value. Finding the right house is the first step of the process. Next comes working with a lender to get a mortgage. Approaching a bank for a loan can feel intimidating. There’s unfamiliar […]

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