Ep. 62 – How Matthew Kobach Uses Social Media to Build and Grow Brands Online

In this episode of the Tallahassee Business Podcast presented by 223 Agency, we are joined by Matthew Kobach, Director of Content for Fast and the former Manager of Digital and Social Media for the New York Stock Exchange. Through his career as a social media marketer, Matt has created quite the personal brand for himself – Adweek recently named him one of the “Top 100 Most Inspiring Minds in Marketing, Media, and Culture”. Matt may be best known for his everyday Twitter posts that feature his guidance, wit, and creativity on display. It’s safe to say that he has developed a certain mastery of using Twitter and other channels to advance a message. Recently, we brought Kobach to Tallahassee (virtually) to talk with members of Access Tallahassee about building a personal brand, developing a career through community building, and utilizing social media to do both.

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