Minority and small business boot camp coming to Tallahassee to help grow the local economy


In Florida, 99.8% of all businesses are considered small businesses. Small businesses also employ 41.1% of Florida workers. That’s why several Big Bend organizations are teaming up to make sure those local businesses in our community can grow in a changing labor market. Because of this, local businesses will now be able to connect with larger government agencies and private vendors to help grow the local economy for years to come.

“There’s plenty of work plenty of dollars coming into our area and how do we secure that,” said Katrina Tuggerson, the President of Capital City Chamber of Commerce. She’s talking about the endless opportunities local small and minority businesses in the community can capitalize on right now.

“All the state entities they have meetings they have cleaning services that they need it may be maintenance on the outside I mean we’re building here in Tallahassee they may need a contract for doing windows,” added Tuggerson.

Construction, catering, cleaning, and landscaping. Those are just some of the things large government and private companies need all the time. In order for our local businesses to secure those bigger jobs, they have to get certified.

That’s why the Capital City Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with several other local organizations and vendors to deliver hands-on tools so they can learn how to become certified to work those bigger jobs and expand.

Sue Dick is the President & CEO of The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. She says 70% of their 1,200 member businesses have 25 employees or less. That’s why she’s excited to partner up to create a stronger economic impact as the market changes.

“We have seen more local businesses start post COVID yes we lost some businesses but our community has really realized and recognized how important it is to drive our local economy and our local businesses our small businesses are really the backbone to our community,” said Dick.

To meet the needs of the small and minority business community, they’re teaming up to host a boot camp on January 31st. There are sponsorships available too, so some local businesses can attend for free.

Something Tuggerson says is more than just a one time deal.

“The resources are always there we’re just giving a face to put it with to go and meet these entities and also build a relationship where you need your business to go.”

The boot camp is being held on Tuesday, January 31 from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., at the Florida State Conference Center at 555 West Pensacola Street. The cost to participate is $25, breakfast and lunch is included! Click here to register.