Mindy Perkins, VR Systems

In 1993, in the kitchen of their Tallahassee home, Jane and David Watson started a small software company with the goal of making voter registration a little easier for Florida’s election officials. More than 30 years later, VR Systems is the leading elections solutions provider in Florida with a growing market share in five other states and Washington, D.C.

No one understands the importance of developing strong relationships and long-term partnerships with our customers better than CEO and President Mindy Perkins. Hired as the company’s first employee in 2001, her background in teaching and customer service proved to be an excellent fit for the innovative problem-solving approach needed to succeed in the fast-paced election technology industry. Perkins was involved in almost every facet of the company, including customer support and business development and sales, before being named CEO and President of VR Systems in 2015.

A 100% employee-owned company since 2010, VR Systems has a family-like culture and a team of employee-owners who are uniquely invested and committed to customer satisfaction. That forms a solid foundation upon which VR Systems has built a national reputation for providing effective software and solutions with a high level of customer service for elections administrators in more than 120 jurisdictions across the country.

The kind of growth VR Systems has achieved in this specialized industry is only possible with a team that continually works to stay ahead of complex state regulations and the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. When VR Systems adds new software development and technical support positions, those roles are filled from the highly skilled talent pool right here in the Tallahassee area.

“VR Systems’ success is built on integrity, customer service and the desire of employee-owners to work for the good of the voter, making elections transparent, efficient and trusted,” says Perkins. “We couldn’t be successful as a company without having a team that’s dedicated to making the best software and providing the highest level of customer service every day. Tallahassee provides the talented workforce that meets the needs of our industry.”