Rybak Realty – Sign-up to Clean-up

Rybak Realty is GOING GREEN on St. Patrick’s Day!Rybak Realty adopted a one-mile section of Cajer Posey Road in Wakulla County. The brokerage’s intent behind this adoption is to benefit the community through civic involvement, area beautification, and increased safety efforts. Litter has the potential to pose a threat to the health and well-being of people and wildlife.

Study after study shows “clean and green” neighborhoods tend to be safer than neighborhoods littered with garbage and automobile debris. During the St. Patrick’s Day Clean-up of 2022, Rybak Realty collected an estimated 150 pounds of rubbish and debris. The most collected items during this clean-up were cigarette butts, liquor and beer
bottles, and Styrofoam. Though we hope to see less trash this year, we expect a large haul since our last organized clean-up was in November of 2022. Rybak Realty’s first of four scheduled 2023 clean-ups will take place on Friday, March 17th from 9:30 until 11:30 a.m. VOLUNTEER! Rybak Realty welcomes extra hands. Visit https://RybakRealty.US, dial 850-745-6047, and follow Rybak Realty LLC on LinkedIn for additional information. Call or email the office to sign-up.Cleanliness matters.