Ep. 133 – Bringing Down the Walls Between Small Businesses and Access to Capital, Mark Kruse, Florida First Capital

With a constant flow of new businesses entering the market, it is important for small business owners to know their options in Tallahassee. Each day, the Tallahassee Chamber advances opportunities that encourage business expansion, retention, and recruitment while supporting business-friendly initiatives. Florida First Capital is licensed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as Florida’s Statewide Certified Development Company. Their mission, much like The Chamber’s, is economic development and job creation with their main goal to provide access to capital for small businesses.

On this week’s episode of the Tallahassee Business Podcast, sponsored by MillCreek Financial Consultants, our President/CEO, Sue Dick chats with Mark Kruse about the different services Florida First Captial provides. Through small business loans, Florida First Capital wants to keep as much cash in the hands of business owners as possible.

Tune in & see what First Florida Capital could do for your small business.