Ep. 121 Florida Ready to Work: Answering Florida Employers’ Demands, Tiffany Vause, Director of Strategic Initiatives

More than 80 percent of Florida business leaders across industry sectors, surveyed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce “emphasized the importance of employability skills. These skills which include communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving are universally valuable work competencies that are essential to adapt to shifting demands within and between careers.”

The State of Florida is listening to those employer concerns and invested in a free career readiness solution called Florida Ready to Work. The program focuses on developing a work-ready talent pipeline with the essential employability skills required for individual, business, and whole community economic well-being and growth.

In our latest Tallahassee Business Podcast, presented by MillCreek Financial Consultants, Florida Ready to Work’s Tiffany Vause and our own Corrie Melton join us to share how our local employers can find ready-to-work talent and reduce hiring, training, and turnover costs.

On January 17, Florida Ready to Work will host an informational webinar for employers and in partnership with Lively Technical College, they will offer a chance to take the assessment free every Friday starting on January 27.
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