Dogs are man and woman’s best friend.

Dogs are man and woman’s best friend. But the worst part of having four legs of unconditional love is scooping up the poop!
That’s where D’Ogee (#spellDOG) Pet Waste Services comes to the rescue. Since 2018, D’Ogee has been servicing parks, residential houses, apartment complexes, and commercial green spaces in effort to provide our four legged friends clean places to run and play and families the ability to enjoy outdoor time all while helping decrease contamination the Tallahassee water system.
D’Ogee Pet Waste Services removed more than 7,700 pounds in 2022 and since it began scooping in 2018, more than 13 tons, which is a lot of pet waste going to the landfill. D’Ogee is moving to create a composting system for the dog waste it scoops to minimize potential hazards to our water system and to be a greener company.

The average dog produces 274 pounds of waste each year and a single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. Disease from dog waste can spread to other pets, children and adults as well as cause a threat to the water table. Tallahassee has an estimated 40,000-45,000 dogs and they generate about 16 tons of dog waste per day.
Owner Jay Wirth expresses the importance of being green, “The more we understand about the hazards of pet waste to our pets, ourselves, and our water table, the more important it is to find a solution that can minimize the risks to our environment. The work we are doing now and plan to do in the near future can be a part of that solution.” D’Ogee plans to begin composting by mid-2023.