WORKFORCE Plus Startup Quest entrepreneurial training program is in full swing

Are you interested in starting your own company? Ever wonder what it would be like to work for an innovative tech company? Well, you’re in luck. Having a college degree, you may qualify for a new entrepreneurial training program, Startup Quest, at no cost.

Startup Quest is an innovative program that provides hands-on training to individuals who want to become entrepreneurs by connecting them with proven and successful entrepreneurs willing to guide them through the process of creating business plans to bring new inventions and technologies to the local market. Over a 10-week period, participants will learn about emerging industries, entrepreneur and market analysis, business planning, financial projections, management and the technology-transfer process. We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable      entrepreneurial skills;
  • Learn tools and      knowledge useful in starting a business;
  • Acquire knowledge      about new, cutting edge technologies;
  • Learn how to      write a business plan;
  • Collaborate in a      team environment;
  • Compete in an      investor pitch; and
  • Networking with      talented and skilled peers and mentors.

Visit our website to see if you are eligible. If you qualify, please make plans to attend the required introductory workshop session on January, 9 at the FSU Turnbull Conference Center, located at 555 W. Pensacola. Applications will be accepted at the session.