Why Wouldn’t You Take Advantage of Florida’s Training Grants?

Guest Blogger: Margo Thomas, owner of Marlynn Consulting

Did you know that training your team may result in increased revenue?

The State of Florida provides assistance for businesses to train their employees through its Workforce Training Grants. Why you ask? Not only does training your team benefit your business, it also improves the workforce skills within the State. Ultimately, a skilled workforce attracts companies to the State.

Two major types of Workforce Training Grants available to local companies are:

  • Quick Response Training (QRT)
  • Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

Both training grants are available to for-profit Florida companies only. An eligible business may receive an award of up to 50% of the direct costs of training its team with a maximum award of $50,000.

Of course there are also requirements specific to each program. To qualify for an award under the Quick Response Training grant, a business must:

  • Be a new/expanding business
  • Be within a targeted industry (Example: Manufacturing, Corporate HQ, Professional Services, IT, Financial services)
  • Provide customized training
  • Complete its training program within two years

To qualify for an award under the Incumbent Worker Training grant, a business must:

  • Be in operation for at least one year
  • Have at least one FT employee, other than owner
  • Provide general skills upgrade training
  • Complete the training within one year

Eligible Costs under the Workforce Training Grants include training fees, trainer salaries, curriculum development, and the purchase of textbooks & other materials.

According to Workforce Florida, 51% of 2009/2010 QRT awards went to manufacturing companies and 25% was awarded to IT companies. The balance of the award went to companies providing financial and professional services.

Likewise, 42% of IWT awards went to manufacturing companies, 20% to professional/technical services industry and the remainder to service, wholesale trade, construction and transportation industries.

Brief Background about Margo:

Margo Thomas is the owner of Marlynn Consulting, where she helps businesses get funding from the State to help minimize the cost of employee skills upgrade training. She has worked with Florida economic incentives on behalf of the State for ten years and has assisted in confirming over 50,000 Florida jobs and recommending over $200 million in tax credits and refunds.

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