Where We Go From Here

COVID-19 has affected every single business in our country. Here at the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, not a day goes by that we don’t have a difficult conversation with a beloved member.  While this part of the Summer is typically reserved for planning our Annual Community Conference, due to a cancellation of that event and the ever-shifting realities of this pandemic, our days are now spent working to find solutions that can help our businesses get back on track. Sadly, we won’t be heading to Amelia Island this year, but there is still important work to be done in the months ahead. Our team is working diligently to create programming and identify strategies that the business community can utilize to move forward again.

When the “Safer at Home” orders came down from the State in March, our team was quick to adapt and create a host of virtual programs aimed at sharing valuable insights with our members. With a mixture of traditional events going online and the creation of new platforms, we were able to have a mostly seamless transition to a different kind of Chamber. Unfortunately, our intention to bring people back together for in-person gatherings continues to face delays. With that on our mind each day, we’ve had to further assess how we can best drive value to our members.

Losing the Annual Community Conference is no fun, but once again it will force our team to be creative. We are fortunate to have a talented staff that is great at both ideation and execution. In addition to those of us who work for the Chamber, we also have an incredible Board of Directors that is eager to help us devise new programs that can help improve local business outcomes. Our commitment to the priorities of our organization – Growing Business, Advocating for Business and Bridging the Talent Gap remains steadfast. As we make announcements in the coming weeks regarding what resources we will be offering through the Fall, please know that they will all be aimed at catalyzing our community’s economic recovery.

Among all of the concepts we are currently evaluating, one theme runs through them all – the support of our members. Because of the companies and organizations that invest their dollars in furthering our Mission, the Chamber continues to be in a place where we can serve our community. We are focused on doing meaningful work and are excited about the possibilities that have risen in this most challenging moment. Even though the normal we once knew has set sail for some other time, we know that with your help we can create a resilient and prosperous future.

While we are developing the plans that will drive our actions through the Summer of 2020, we hope that you will continue to share your thoughts on what means the most to you as a Chamber member. We exist to serve our members and better the community we all call home. Because of your support, we will be able to keep doing that day after day. Thank you for staying with us and please know how much we appreciate your desire to see Tallahassee succeed.