Vote ‘No’ on Amendment 4

The Chamber is developing strategies to defeat Amendment 4 – a statewide “Vote on Everything” proposal which would hurt our economy and imperil Florida’s future. This amendment will be on the November 2010 ballot. The Chamber is working to educate our community on this important issue by engaging stakeholders through speakers and writers bureaus and other action items.

What is Amendment 4 all about?

Supporters of Amendment 4 simplify the issue by saying that it would just add one final step to the existing process for changing a comprehensive plan. Under Amendment 4, a plan change approved by the city or county commission that concerns future land development will be submitted to the voters in a referendum. Unless the change is approved by the voters, it will not go into effect, even if it is recommended as a smart growth change by professional planners, approved unanimously by our city and county commissioners and approved by the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

This amendment will make well-planned, smarter growth virtually impossible – thereby encouraging sprawl that reduces green space and makes effective growth management unachievable. Right now local neighbors and neighborhood associations have significant leverage in the development approval process – which involves multiple meetings and public hearings and often negotiations between developers and neighbors. But if Amendment 4 passes, voters who live in other parts of the city or county will have just as much of a say, even though they are unfamiliar with the project or the neighborhood. The voices of those most directly affected would ultimately be diluted in a citywide or countywide political campaign.

What would a ballot look like if Amendment 4 passes?

Taking the comprehensive plan changes that were approved by the City and County in 2004, this is probably what a ballot would look like.

Leon County – Tallahassee Sample Ballot

How can you help defeat this amendment?

  • If your business, organization or neighborhood has a website or a newsletter, you can add the Vote No on 4 logo to your website and link it to the Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy website – the state group that has been organized in opposition to Amendment 4. The link to the website is
  • Your business or organization that has a governing body can adopt a resolution opposing Amendment 4.
  • Your business or organization can invite a member of the Vote No on 4 speakers bureau to a meeting to discuss the amendment and why it is bad for Florida.

We will update you on more ways to get involved. More information on the amendment can be found at

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