Vistage CEO Summit featuring Adrian Cronje providing valuable insights on the future of the economy

Vistage Florida is hosting an exclusive event for business leaders in Tallahassee. The Vistage Tallahassee Summit will feature Adrian Cronje, CEO of Balentine, as the keynote speaker, who will share valuable insights on the future of the economy and bull market and its impact on businesses.

This invitation-only event is will be on April 20th from 7:30 to 11:00 AM and is designed for business leaders who want to stay ahead of the game and gain a competitive edge. Adrian will present four key themes that will shape the next seven years and provide attendees with the tools to navigate market effects on the economy and their industry.

With 65 years of success, Vistage has been a powerful resource for CEOs and business owners who are committed to achieving better results for their companies, leadership teams, and themselves. Join us to learn from a worldwide expert speaker and discover the benefits of becoming part of the Vistage community.

Contact Becky Tolnay to learn more about the event and how to attend