The Village Square continues the #100Coffees Project in Tallahassee!

Inspired by the community engagement of photographer Alex Workman, The Village Square decided to take his #100Coffees project and spread it across the Tallahassee community. By the end of the calendar year, The Village Square wants to facilitate five hundred coffees between people in our capital city. Our ultimate goal: to burst out of our echo chambers, break down divisions, and make our community a place where we know each other.

The Village Square’s podcast host and incoming Executive Director Vanessa Rowse spoke with Alex Workman on the Village SquareCast podcast about his takeaways from the 163 coffees he had in 2021. Learn more about Alex’s project here:, and listen to the podcast episode here:

You can sign up to be a host of coffee conversations (you can choose your availability) or a participant! To learn more about the project and get involved, visit