Veterans Served in Leon County

During fiscal year 2022 the Florida Veterans Foundation helped qualified ‎Veterans and their families with $373,000 in assistance. Categories of ‎support were for those who were experiencing emergency crisis ‎situations. These included mental health, suicide prevention, and opioid ‎prevention. To prevent homelessness, we served Veterans with ‎housing, utilities and rental assistance, and food. A huge need in ‎helping we provided aging wartime Veterans with special benefits.

The Florida Veterans Foundation recovered over $17 million dollars in ‎long-term care assistance for Aging Wartime Veterans/Survivors, served ‎over 67,000 Veterans and their families, printed, and distributed over ‎‎150,000 Florida Veterans Benefits Guides and provided Emergency ‎Crisis Hotlines to help our Veterans find immediate assistance. In Leon ‎and surrounding counties, FVF Served 7,619 Veterans, survivors, and ‎their families.

The Foundation provides Veterans and their families with direct services, ‎and partners with state and local governments, veteran service ‎organizations, and educational institutions to improve their physical, ‎financial, mental, emotional, and social well-being. To learn more, ‎donate and support visit‎