Venvi Art Gallery: Post-Pandemic Art Market Landscape

The NY Times recently released an article about mega-gallerist David Zwirner creating Platform, a website that will feature click-to-buy artworks from independent galleries across the globe. But Zwirner is not the only person thinking about this new post-pandemic art market landscape. Out of necessity, many artists and gallerists have found new and creative ways to sell artwork online. An ongoing survey featured on NPR says 95%of artists have experienced loss as a result of the pandemic. Brinda and Veernag Pamulapati, owners of Venvi Art Gallery located at 2901 E. Park Avenue near Eastern Capitol Circle, have working hard on their new website which allows users to buy artwork from home. By navigating to and clicking on the “Viewing Room” button, viewers can see installation views, detailed photographs of each artwork, watch artist interviews, find more information about the artists and buy pieces easily that will be shipped directly to the collector! Veering and Brinda designed a way to search for artworks by size, artist, and price. So, if you’re looking for a specific piece to fit between your bookshelf and the bay window, using their website’s “Find Artwork” function is perfect for you.

Veernag single-handedly designed and carefully built this website from scratch, so everything is custom and made with viewers in mind. Their employee, Serena Corson, takes care of the physical gallery, promotions, interviews, and content creation. Brinda oversees art curation, gallery events, operations and has her artwork featured in the gallery’s backroom along with other gallery artists. Venvi Art Gallery features quality fine art original paintings by established artists keeping its focus on local artists. They have been open for five years now, and like most art institutions, had to figure out creative ways to keep the public satisfied and connected to the art world. Be sure to check out their website if you have not already and stop by their gallery Wednesdays through Sundays, 12:30-5:30pm.