United Solutions Company Launches Skip-A-Pay Software

April 2020 – TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – United Solutions Company (USC) developed an affordable Skip-A-Pay software for financial institutions that is member-driven, improves revenue, and best of all, is largely automated to bring relief to financial institutions’ staff.
USC developed the Skip-A-Pay software to make the once tedious process, more efficient to increase a financial institution’s productivity. The Skip-A-Pay software is designed to understand a financial institutions loan products. To achieve this, USC works closely with the financial institution during initial set-up to ensure the criteria of the loan products are met. The Skip-A-Pay page will be embedded into the financial institution’s site where a member can then create an account and request a skip on their loan payment. On the financial institution’s side, a list is created for the financial institution to either review the requests, or they can be automatically approved. At the end of the day, a spread sheet is created to upload into the core. A job is run within the core system to automatically produce the approved loan payment skips. USC’s Skip-A-Pay software is currently integrated with the XP2 and DataSafe core systems. Additional features of the software include User Admin, Set Messages, Skip Requests, and Reports.
“We always look for ways to enhance the core system and create operational efficiencies. When I saw a credit union had emailed stating that skip a pay was a ‘nightmare’, I immediately saw an opportunity,” stated Jim Giacobbe, President and CEO of USC. “The manual work for our credit unions is now virtually eliminated.”
With the entrance of the COVID-19 virus, there have been a numerous amount of changes in the average American’s daily life. A countlessly changing economic situation and the lack of job security are just two of these changes. Financial institutions have been working tirelessly to provide their members with updates and products that can help them during this crisis. USC’s Skip-A-Pay software will help financial institutions offer the services their members need, while not draining their staff.
“By pre-approving accounts eligible to skip, we can focus on streamlining the process by automatically updating the system, posting the fee, notifying the members by email and creating reports,” explained Jim Giacobbe. “We are excited about the amount of time we will be saving our credit unions.”
With USC’s Skip-A-Pay software, financial institutions can improve efficiencies and productivity, while keeping their focus on helping their members.
About United Solutions Company
United Solutions Company is a Credit Union Services Organization (CUSO) and Application Service Provider (ASP) founded in 1983 with headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida. United Solutions provides a comprehensive menu of products and services to credit unions and other businesses all over the country. From core data processing and check 21 services, to collections and network management, our exceptional services and commitment to innovation is what truly sets us apart. Visit www.unitedsolutions.coop for more information. For more information on our Skip-A-Pay product visit https://skippay.org/