Thomas W. Smith, MD, PhD, Joins Care Point Health & Wellness Center as a Fulltime Primary Care Provider

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Care Point Health & Wellness Center, a full-service, comprehensive healthcare facility located in downtown Tallahassee, is excited to welcome Thomas W. Smith, MD, PhD to its growing team. Established in 2017, Care Point has been bringing state-of-the-art medicine to Tallahassee for two years. As the only one-stop healthcare center in town, patients can visit their primary provider, have lab work done, visit the dentist and pick up a prescription, all in the same location. Now, as the organization grows, Dr. Smith is joining as a fulltime primary care provider.

“Dr. Smith is an integral addition to our team,” said Patty Ballantine, chief operations officer at Care Point Health & Wellness Center. “We established Care Point to focus on listening to patients, providing them with a comprehensive health care facility for all their needs, and now being able to be treated by an experienced and respected primary care provider that patients appreciate and trust.”

Dr. Smith brings over 25 years of primary care experience to the Care Point team. With a passion for serving people throughout the spectrum of life, Dr. Smith says it’s the trust his patients build with him that he enjoys most. As a primary care provider, it’s his job to know, understand, connect and successfully treat his patients.

“Primary care has always been my calling,” says Dr. Smith. “A patient can confide in me, and I will do all I possibly can to care for them. I’m glad to be back in Tallahassee, serving the community and building relationships with my patients.”

Dr. Smith earned his PhD from University of Southern Mississippi and completed post-doctoral research at Tulane University, where he made new discoveries relating to chronic kidney disease. After completing his PhD, Dr. Smith realized his longing to care for people and deliver care where it’s needed most. Dr. Smith went on to complete his MD and residency, specializing in primary care. Dr. Smith spent time in Tallahassee at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Florida State University, Florida A&M University and founded the Tallahassee-Haiti Medical Team.

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