“I've been a member of the Chamber for over 25 years and it has been a major factor in our firm's success over the past quarter century. The Chamber consistently provides solid networking opportunities, enhances our knowledge base (both for successful business strategies and on community issues) and provides increased opportunities for business development. Chamber membership is an important arrow in every businesses' quiver.”

Rick Oppenheim
RB Oppenheim Associates

“The Chamber has been an outstanding resource in helping me develop my optometry practice. The programs they offer and the opportunities to learn new business skills have been a tremendous asset.”

Susan Whaley, O.D.
Tallahassee Eye Center

“Chamber Leads Groups have one goal -- to help the 30 to 50 business people who meet together each week be more successful. In my experience, nothing comes close in terms of building relationships, learning best practices and getting new business.”

Dave Fiore
Fiore Communications