“As a young cutting edge tech company, we did not know what to expect when joining the Chamber and wow were we surprised. From the excellent networking and mentoring opportunities in Leads groups, to introductions to local decisions makers, to opportunities in actively contributing in the Chamber’s future, we have been consistently amazed on the returns of our membership. We are always looking forward to continuing to invest in this relationship for the chance to advance our business, shape the Chamber, and take the regional business community to the next level.”

Bryan Gibson
i2x Solutions

“The Chamber has had a special place in our hearts since starting our business over 35 years ago. The places we lived, worked and played were the direct result of our Chamber involvement. Fast forward to Tallahassee, my husband and I find ourselves in a new city, new purpose, and mission to help others. The first place we turned to was the Chamber. It gave us an overview of what services are available, how our mission stacks up with other organizations and the loads of networking we've come to expect. There is no doubt that if we had not joined, Living Stones may have seen a different path for our children and families. Thanks to the Chamber for keeping up a great appearance while performing the awesome task of assisting your "local" businesses and organizations like Living Stones International.”

Josephine (JC) Gamboa-Montgomery
Living Stones International

“The Chamber has allowed me to tap into the knowledge base of some of the leading business minds of Tallahassee. Most young businesses incorrectly focus their membership on the amount of sales they get; the wealth of the Chamber lies in the friendships and mentors you gain. This will help grow your business in ways you can’t imagine.”

Brian Sealey
Sealey Real Estate Solutions

“Cayer Behavioral Group is thrilled to be a part of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. We are hopeful this opportunity will bring an awareness of autism to other Chamber members and the wonderful family's we serve in our beautiful city.”

Krista Cayer
Cayer Behavioral Health

“Through my involvement with the Tallahassee Chamber, I have had many opportunities to meet local business owners who really care about our community. And I have truly enjoyed supporting the Chamber’s focus on business growth because when our local businesses thrive so does our entire community! ”

Katrina Rolle
United Way of the Big Bend

“Comcast’s membership with the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce is extremely beneficial for us in a number of ways. Involvement with the Chamber and its events allows us to network with fellow members and share information about our Comcast Business services. We are also able to connect with local residents who may ultimately become customers of our residential Xfinity television, internet, digital voice or home security and automation services.”

Stefanie Bowden

“Through the Chamber I’ve had the opportunity to establish new relationships with business and community partners. I’ve been able to develop strategic partnerships for my volunteer work and my professional growth. The Chamber is an outstanding resource and the programs they offer to learn new business skills have been invaluable.”

Berneice Cox
The Bacall Group

“I enjoy Chamber events because there’s been something for me at every stage of my career. Just getting started? Access. Expanding my network? Business After Hours, Chamber Breakfasts, etc. Honing my leadership skills? That’s LT all the way. I don’t know of anywhere else in town that focuses so singularly on improving all aspects of the business community in Tallahassee, and it’s been a great place for me to be.”

Julian Dozier
Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A. CPAs

“When Earl Bacon founded his own insurance agency in 1963, one of the first things he did was join the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Our commitment to local economic development has not wavered in the 55 years since. The Chamber’s great programs – the Professional Women’s Forum, the CEO Series, the Annual Conference, and others – are the best way to interact with other local business owners and keep abreast of what is happening in the local community.”

Bobby Bacon
Earl Bacon Agency

“In my line of work, success is dependent on cultivating relationships, which can be difficult without a common thread on which to build. The Chamber of Commerce has been the common thread that allowed me in the door where I could demonstrate the value I bring to the relationship. I recently began a working relationship with Anna Duren from Walter Green born entirely out of a connection first made by the Chamber. The opportunities afforded by my company’s Chamber membership opened doors for me in ways I have not seen with other business development strategies. In banking, familiarity and trust come first, and that usually has to develop over time. This is why the Chamber works for me – it allows me to dedicate the time and put the relationship before the ask.”

Kaila Hardee
Capital City Bank