Terry Bunch, The Flying Locksmiths

Terry Bunch is the franchise owner of The Flying Locksmiths (TFL) with locations in Tallahassee and Jacksonville. TFL was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1946 and provides commercial and residential security solutions across the country for accounts including Wal-Mart, Applebee’s, and Brookdale Senior Living. With a background in finance, international distribution and business consulting, Terry is excited to join Tallahassee’s business community.

When TFL became a franchise in 2015, Terry saw the opportunity to partner with a thriving business, and he bought their second location in Jacksonville. Now, he owns two locations, including one that opened in Tallahassee in the fall of 2020.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Terry received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Indiana University and an MBA from Bellarmine University. His career started at British American Tobacco where he worked in finance and eventually became the Director of Global Distribution.

Today, Terry lives in St. Augustine.  In addition to TFL, Terry uses his expertise in international trade and logistics to run a consulting firm that serves clients throughout the U.S. and the U.K. He is also a franchise broker with contracts with over 800 franchises, which is what initially introduced him to The Flying Locksmiths.

Terry observed that the locksmith industry as a whole was very reactionary and focused on transactions. However, he states TFL’s approach is different: “When we have a new client, we’re not looking at it as just a transaction. We’re looking at it as building a long-term relationship.” The breadth of services offered by TFL is unique as well.  The scope of service includes locks, doors, access control, video surveillance, intercoms, and automatic doors.

This focus on relationships is what has led to the success of The Flying Locksmiths in Tallahassee, including a contract with Florida State University. However, opening a new location during the pandemic didn’t come without challenges.

“Normally, I would get out and do face-to-face meetings and introduce myself so that was challenging. The business was actually down with FSU because there were no students on campus…In some ways, it was an odd time to start a business. But it actually turned out to be a good time because it gave us a chance to ramp up and set up the business correctly,” says Terry.

As Chairman of The Flying Locksmiths Advisory Board and a 2019 Small Business Leader of the Year winner awarded by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Terry is committed to leading in a way that empowers others.

“To me, it’s all about the team. I try to approach things as a servant leader. I am very focused on continual learning and the continual growth and development of our team,” says Terry.

Looking forward, Terry is excited about the future of The Flying Locksmiths in a city like Tallahassee that has both a strong commercial business and governmental presence. He says, “there’s a lot of opportunity, so we’re excited to be a part of that and hopefully contribute to it.”

To learn more about The Flying Locksmiths, visit their website or call (850) 400-3156.