Tasha Weinstein Receives Janyth Righter Innovation Award from Florida Public Media

Tallahassee, FL, 7/26/21 – Today at the Florida Public Media annual meeting it was announced that Tasha Weinstein, WFSU Public Media Education and Engagement Manager was named the 2021 recipient of the Janyth Righter Innovation Award. This award honors those whose work is moving public media in Florida forward in new and innovative ways by looking at things differently and thinking out of the box. Established in 2017, in honor of the groundbreaking work former Florida Public Media Executive Director Janyth Righter did to increase station collaboration and secure the financial future of Florida public media stations across Florida.

Tasha was selected for this award for her innovative response to delivering educational content to educators and families during the pandemic. A signature program for WFSU is the Summer Challenge, a program to prevent summer learning loss in young children. Tasha produced a one-hour broadcast special around the theme of Mountains, Hills & Mounds that took children to various sites in our area to learn about the geology of the region. She linked the content to digital resources and worked with partner organizations to build on this theme producing their own short videos that have been rolled out during the summer over social media sites so that families will have a steady flow of ideas to use with their children during the summer. https://wfsu.org/education/summer-challenge-2021/

Another innovative program that Tasha oversaw was to link the national PBS KIDS program Molly of Denali to the Muscogee people of Florida. Tasha and her team created a “virtual” museum that provided a wealth of resources and information about Native American people, their culture, history, and stories. Pivoting this project from an in person “pop-up” museum to a virtual one allowed WFSU to reach more people with this project and she developed a workshop model for educators to better understand how to use this resource.


“Florida Public Media is delighted to honor Tasha Weinstein with this year’s award. She brings enthusiasm, passion, and a strong commitment to her job, to WFSU and most importantly – to the parents, students, and teachers of the Big Bend area. She works tirelessly to tie the ongoing important work of PBS and WFSU to the Tallahassee community. Tasha is a nationally recognized leader in education, and we are fortunate to have her part of our public media family. The award recognizes the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit among Florida Public Media members” states Patrick Yack, Executive Director of Florida Public Media.

WFSU Director of Content & Community Partners, Kim Kelling added, “Tasha is a dynamo who has taken the WFSU Education Program to new heights. Everything she approaches is done with the mindset of how we can be more effective in reaching underserved children and families. With a pandemic impacting in person work for the past 16 months, Tasha has been instrumental in rethinking how we do our work and how we can engage the community. She has worked across all of our departments at WFSU to achieve that goal

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