Tallahassee named #5 on Livability’s list of the 10 Best Home Base Cities for Road Trippers

From Livability

Is there anything better than a road trip? The sense of freedom and adventure, the random roadside attractions, the hidden gems, the curated soundtrack, the gas station coffee … we’re getting the urge to grab our car keys just thinking about it.

As we enter late summer and early fall (AKA prime road trip season), the Livability team got to wondering: Where should you live if you love road tripping? What qualities make a city a good homebase for road trippers?

The answers: an affordable cost of living (so you can save your money for gas); a central location with easy access to other cool cities, cute towns or stunning natural scenery; and an abundance of quirky roadside attractions and things to do nearby.

Whether you’re a day tripper, weekend warrior or a digital nomad who’s constantly on the road, read on for Livability’s picks for the 10 best affordable, livable, well-located cities around the country that road trippers should call home.