“Tallahassee Has A Lot to Be Grateful for in Q4” – Sha’Ron James, Berger Singerman

Berger Singerman, with 85 attorneys in four offices, is Florida’s business law firm. We are an award-winning firm with a talented team of forward-thinking attorneys who are passionate, creative problem solvers who leverage a collaborative approach to give clients a competitive edge. Our attorneys are widely respected and recognized for their exceptional work both in the courtroom, boardroom and within our local community. The lawyers in our Tallahassee office have been community trustees entrenched in the Big Bend area for over twenty years. We are community partners that are passionate about seeing the best that Tallahassee has to offer.

As a member of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Board, I know why I am passionate about Tallahassee. I know why I am excited about the great things Tallahassee has to offer. I know why I am dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges we struggle with as a community. What I did not realize was the extent to which my colleagues, some of Florida’s best and brightest, shared the same commitment. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I asked them to name two to three things about Tallahassee they were grateful for and the responses I received were remarkable and encouraging. This is what they shared:

  • As a lawyer in a business law firm, I am grateful for the many, many state government employees in Tallahassee who consistently work toward building and maintaining a productive environment for commerce to flourish and grow. In particular, I think of the many government lawyers whose sole mission is to serve the public good, and who do so with admirable commitment.
  • When I came to Tallahassee 67 years ago as part of the FSU community, the town was sharply divided between the locals and the university people. I am thankful for the transformation of the city from a “town vs. gown” mentality to the two fully embracing each other in all aspects. This has significantly enriched Tallahassee economically, culturally and socially.
  • I am thankful for Cascades Park. The City turned vacant contaminated property into a park that has become the crown jewel of downtown Tallahassee, while also serving as a much-needed storm water retention area.
  • I am grateful for the outdoor recreation opportunities we have in the area like St. Marks Trail, Torreya State Park, and Lake Jackson.
  • I am grateful for the efforts of community leaders to bring together the many voices in our community for respectful dialogue and problem solving among people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. I think of The Village Square, The Longest Table, and Leadership Tallahassee, among others. These are valuable opportunities for civility and inclusion.
  • I am most thankful for meeting my wife here, a seventh generation Floridian.
  • The characteristic of Tallahassee for which I am most grateful is the trees. They are just gorgeous. Every visitor I’ve ever invited here has commented on how beautiful they are. They make us a unique city.
  • I am thankful for the friendliness and community spirit of Tallahassee; the courtesy and southern hospitality.
  • I am grateful to live in a community of servant leaders with so many people who are engaged and want to make a difference.


As we turn the final corner of the 4th Quarter, it is easy for us to spend the rest of the year focusing solely on income, profitability and planning for new opportunities in 2020. Recognizing that there is still a lot of work to do, we could also spend our days worried about the wins, the metrics and the benchmarks that we did not reach as a business or as a community. However, I encourage you to join the team at Berger Singerman in taking a different approach. Tallahassee has a lot to be grateful for in Q4! Tell us what tops your team’s list. E-mail me at sjames@bergersingerman.com.

Sha’Ron James is a Partner on the Government & Regulatory Team of Berger Singerman, LLP, Chair-Elect of Leadership Tallahassee Board of Governors and a member of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.