Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy (TFLA) Seeks Summer Business Partners

The Tallahassee Youth Leaders Academy (TFLA) is gearing up for Summer 2020 and seeks business partners.

The goal of TFLA is to provide youth with meaningful professional opportunities to increase employment related experiences and, provide guidance and support to positively impact developmental growth. The strength of TFLA comes from the experiences youth gain working with and learning from you and your business.

You can visit the TFLA website here to learn more: https://www.talgov.com/employment/tfla.aspx

Businesses can partner with TFLA by employing youth this summer, or by providing incentives, such as meals or gift cards, for students as they work on job-readiness skills.

Our current timeline includes two weeks of training and job-readiness skills (June 1-12), and six weeks of employment (June 15 through July 24). This is subject to adjustment as required, based on the coronavirus pandemic, and we know that you may commit now but need to adjust your commitment based on business operation changes due to this as well.

Donation Partner: If you would like to partner by offering giveaways or food, please contact Dr. Tara Huls, Youth Development Coordinator at 850-891-8539 or tara.huls@talgov.com.

Employment Partner: If you are interested in partnering by employing one or more youth for 6 weeks (20 or more hours per week, at least minimum wage), please complete an online form here to detail your youth employment opportunities: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRLqRypzN1goALOWq8HVTPHaGHg_S8yr5l570vI6gOwLPknQ/viewform.

Again, we understand that may be too early to fully commit, not knowing the impact of coronavirus for operations in June and July, given how much has changed in the last week alone; however, you can let us know your interest and we will communicate changes as needed.