“Staying Ahead of the Puck”

The economy is always changing. Day to day, week to week, month to month and year over year, the story of our economic progress is constantly evolving. As each new page turns over, there are new sets of data made available to show us both where we have been and perhaps shine some light on what may happen next. It can be quite challenging to make an accurate translation of what economic data is telling us, but fortunately for us here in Tallahassee, we have some very talented guides to help us along the way. Here at the Chamber, we like to give those guides a platform to share their insights at our annual Economic Forecast. That event happens next week.

There are numerous reasons to attend this important gathering, but the best may be related to hockey. Wayne Gretzky aka “The Great One” has long been credited for saying that his success on the ice was due to his ability to skate to where the puck was going to be as opposed to where it had already been. Our Economic Forecast is aimed at giving our members a better idea of where the puck is heading in the year ahead. The event is always one of our most well attended and that’s because those who attend continue to find valuable insights from the topics discussed on stage.

This year’s program will feature two wonderful speakers who each bring a tremendous understanding of the current trends in the local, state and national economies. The forum will feature both Dr. Jerry Parrish, Chief Economist and the Director of Research for the Florida Chamber Foundation, as well as Adrienne Johnston, Chief of the Bureau of Workforce Statistics at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from these speakers while also learning about the ongoing work of the Chamber.

As the catalyst for business and community growth in Tallahassee, our organization takes pride in being able to present our members with timely, relevant and important information that can help improve outcomes across a variety of industries. Our aim with the annual Economic Forecast is to offer members the opportunity to learn where the puck is going so that they can better determine how to skate in that direction. If you have not registered yet, we encourage you to do so, because you never know what you may learn from the many slides, talking points and Q&A moments during the program. Somewhere in that stage time, there may just be one piece of knowledge that will help make your next organizational decision a more informed one. It would be a shame to miss it as someone else skates by towards the goal.

The 2020 Economic Forecast is being held Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 7:30am at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center. The program is open to both members and guests and registration is available online at www.talchamber.com. We hope to see you there and don’t forget your skates.

Jay Revell
Vice President