Statement from the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Regarding Proposal to Move Florida’s Capitol from Tallahassee HB1335

A deeply flawed proposal by state Representative Bill Hager (R-Delray Beach) to move Florida’s capitol and many functions of state government from Tallahassee to someplace else should be quickly disposed of by the Legislature this week. No study is necessary to determine that this bad idea would have a damaging, disruptive, and dangerous impact on countless families, businesses, institutions and an entire community. It also would taint Florida’s proud history of Tallahassee serving as the state’s capital city for nearly 200 years.

It’s unfortunate that Representative Hager is trying to repeat some bad history by resurrecting this idea that was similarly and properly rejected 50 years ago, when former Miami state Representative Lee Weissenborn sought to move the capitol to Orlando. Now, as then, lawmakers should quickly recognize that Tallahassee is and always should be home to Florida’s capitol. Moving the capital of state government would be unwise, unnecessary, costly, inconvenient and just plain wrong. With all of the important work that state lawmakers need to do, giving this non-issue a timely and deserved death clears the agenda for the issues that really matter.

Sue Dick
Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce