Sperry & Associates Senior Leadership Leads by Design

For Tony Benton and Bart Wells, Sperry & Associates is more than just a business. The construction company they run together is much more like a family. In fact, both men came to join Sperry & Associates through family ties to the company’s founder. Today, along with their management team, Wells and Benton work in unison to help build commercial and industrial projects across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

From humble beginnings, Sperry & Associates has evolved into one of the leading commercial construction firms in Tallahassee. Benton credits that to the principles instilled in the firm when Don Sperry created the company with his wife Jane in 1973. Benton says, “Our company was founded on a promise that we will always be forthright and trustworthy with our clients. The foundation for every project we build is laid upon those core beliefs.”

Along with their commitment to customer service, Sperry & Associates has long been known in the Tallahassee region for their expertise in pre-engineered metal buildings. Not only do they work with clients to design and erect such structures, but their team regularly consults with other construction firms on their metal building projects. It’s a differentiator in the markets they compete in and a specialized concentration that has earned the firm industry-wide recognition.

Wells is proud of the company’s reputation and he regularly touts their achievements. He says, “We’ve designed, and erected structures of all shapes and sizes across the South and no two projects are ever the same. That’s why our process and expertise is so invaluable to our clients. We take a reliable construction method and tailor the experience to every customer.” It’s a legacy he and Benton are proud of.

Along with Jay Bostwick, Vice President of Business Development and Monte Mustain, Operations Manager, Wells and Benton have no shortage of construction industry expertise to pull from. Between the four of them, the senior-most Sperry team members have accumulated over a century of direct construction experience. It’s that familiarity with the building process that helps them deliver projects which regularly exceed client expectations.

In addition to the veteran leaders at Sperry, there is also a next-generation working closely with Wells and Benton to craft a vision for the company’s future. Clayton Wells, Matt Edwards, and Curtis Benton are also part of the leadership team. They work directly with clients to ensure projects meet every specified detail. With client needs that range from car washes to retail centers and even international research and manufacturing hubs, the next generation of Sperry associates are quickly adding to the company’s strong reputation.

For Tony Benton, Bart Wells and their entire team,  there is no greater indicator of success than a returning customer. With so many clients repeatedly turning to Sperry for their building needs, they see it as a sign that their company is on the right track. Benton says, “We aren’t just planning projects in the present here, we are building a family business that is going to last.”