“A Small Act of Citizenry”

Sometimes, a small act can make a big difference. Right now, we can all help our community, state, and country by taking a few minutes to complete the 2020 Census. It may seem minuscule, but it’s far more important than you may think.

Every ten years, citizens of our nation are asked to participate in the United States Census as a means of counting our population. This effort has far-reaching and lingering impacts on our day-to-day lives. The Census is much more than an accounting of our country’s residents though – it is the basis for how public policy is made across our country in the decade ahead.

The results of the Census determine our representation in government, shape how tax dollars are spent, and provide a better understanding of the state of our union. In 2020, as we once again are in a Census year, our normal way of living has been turned upside down, but the work to measure our country remains ongoing. Despite the challenges we all face, it has never been more important for each citizen to take a few minutes and fill out their Census questionnaire.

Here in Tallahassee, as our community is working to put our economy back on track, it is critical that we all do our part to ensure our future is fully funded. In the coming years, the results of this Census will reshape everything from local government elections, state offices, and congressional districts. Florida’s say in the Presidential election could even change. On top of electoral map alterations, formulas for public funding will also be revised, impacting schools, roads, parks, and other important infrastructure needs. There will also be revisions to how other social and cultural funding will be granted.

In short, the Census matters immensely. Taking a moment of your time to complete your form can help change the trajectory of our community. As a business-minded citizen, it is crucial that you consider this an important duty and our hope is that you will encourage your team members, neighbors, and family to do the same. Currently, our community has only fulfilled an estimated 60% of Census forms. We can and must do better!

Community stakeholders are needed to help spread this message. Having more people complete their Census form will only benefit our shared future. You can help by not only filling out your form but encouraging others to do the same.

It has never been easier to access and complete your Census. Every citizen can simply visit 2020census.gov and follow the instructions laid out before you. With so much of the 2020 Census moving online, it is also easy to share the form with others. If you haven’t yet, make sure to remind colleagues and acquaintances from your companies, clubs, and other organizations you are engaged in, to go ahead and submit their Census. We all owe it to our community, state, and nation to give a few minutes to help shape our future.

Together, we can make sure Tallahassee doesn’t miss out.

Jay Revell
Vice President, Advocacy & Public Policy