Service Industries Benefit From Chamber Membership

The membership of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce represents businesses from virtually every business sector, including those who make their living providing services outside the comfort of an air-conditioned office. In fact,  the service industries make up some of the Chamber’s most active and enthusiastic  members  – in part because the Chamber brings people together in unique and productive ways.

At least, that’s what these members say.

Clay Culpepper, owner, Gibbs and Culpepper Tree Service

“I don’t have time to do everything, but my Chamber membership is definitely worth it. Finances determine all my business decisions right now, and the dues are minimal for the return I get from them.

At my Leads Group, I meet with 50 other business people and get to explain what I do, network and become friends. Developing relationships just naturally turns acquaintances into great referral sources. I could not begin to calculate the value of those referrals.

Being part of the Chamber also puts me in front of influential people in the community that I am now doing business with — just because I got to know them through the Chamber.”


John Stehmeyer, owner, River King Custom Painting

“We came into the Chamber four years ago with plenty of work, and I didn’t even really think I needed it. Then things started slowing down, and while other sources dried up, the Chamber has been a predictable source of work for me.

My employees also are involved in Chamber activities, which opens their minds to all the functions of the business. They are sometimes so focused on the tasks in front of them, they don’t think about how much PR and paying attention to even the smallest jobs really matter. Being involved in the Chamber helps them be more like-minded with the business owner.”

Patrick Barineau, sales manager, Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning

“Knowing other business people is still what makes a business successful , and the Chamber provides us with both leads and connections that build relationships.

In our business, we are in people’s homes every day, but we don’t see a lot of other business people. Programs like Connect for Lunch give me a chance to learn about what makes other businesses successful. I also use the Chamber website to keep up with what’s new, local business news and to check out new Chamber members. The site provides the kind of information we can really use.”

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