Secure Records Solutions Merges with Legally Copied

Secure Records Solutions recently announced its merger with Legally Copied, based in Midtown Tallahassee, Florida. Secure Records Solutions (SRS) is a family owned and operated document management company headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia. The merger with Legally Copied, the fourth for SRS, will increase its scanning, copying, printing and presentation board offerings in North Florida and Southwest Georgia. In addition to these services, SRS offers an array of document management services, including shredding, records storage, and consulting services to clients across the country.

“We’re thrilled to announce this merger with Legally Copied,” says Christopher Powell Jones, Partner and Chief Problem Solver at Secure Records Solutions. “We have known Legally Copied founder Laura Scott-Dorsch for many years, and we hold her in the highest esteem.

Legally Copied was founded 24 years ago in response to the growing need for scanning, copying, printing and presentation board services in Florida’s state capitol. Laura brought years of experience working as a paralegal with several of Tallahassee’s finest firms. When she hung up her shingle at the corner of 6th and Monroe, she had faith that offering a great experience for each person that walked in the door would turn into future business. Two decades later, hundreds of firms across the region depend on Legally Copied, and ask for Laura by name, because they know they can count on her to deliver.

When the time came for Laura to take a step back to spend time with family, she picked up the phone and called Christopher. “My customers have invited me to be a part of their team and depend on me to deliver for them. I chose Secure Records Solutions to continue my legacy at Legally Copied because our values are aligned. We have had a close working relationship for seven years. I trust them to take care of my customers and friends.”

The Secure Records Solutions and Legally Copied teams have been working together for months to ensure a smooth transition. Laura has spent hundreds of hours training SRS team members and will continue to be involved in a consulting capacity going forward. Legally Copied customers will continue receiving the high touch client service they’ve come to expect while gaining access to the scale and full array of document management services of SRS. Christopher Jones added “The one thing we haven’t sorted out yet is our chocolate chip cookie delivery strategy. But we’re working on it.”

“We are humbled that Laura asked us to continue her legacy at Legally Copied,” says founder and Chief Secret Keeper Powell Jones. “We have built our business on understanding our clients’ unique problems and customizing solutions to meet their needs. We’re excited to have the opportunity to do that for Laura’s customers.”