Rybak Realty features team member Heather Rybak

Rybak Realty features team member Heather Rybak

Meet Your Team:

Heather Rybak earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Education degree from the University of Florida. She has extensive teaching and leadership experience from her 15 years in the classroom, on sporting fields, and behind the scenes of various educational institutions. Heather’s professional real estate career began in October of 2015. After just over two years as a REALTOR® with Campbell & Rosemurgy Real Estate in Broward County, Heather earned her Broker designation. Six months after relocating from South Florida to Wakulla County, Heather established Rybak Realty in July of 2018.

Heather leads Rybak Realty, was the 2021 Wakulla Chapter President of The Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®, is a graduate of the 2021 Anna Gallagher Leadership Academy, is a member of the 2021 TBR® Honor Society, and is the 2022-23 Chairperson for the TBR® Community Affairs Committee. She also is active providing residential and investment real estate services. Being licensed in the state of Florida, Heather can assist in the buying, selling, and leasing of real estate in all 67 counties whether that be listing for sale a vacant lot in Crawfordville, showing single family homes to a buyer in Tallahassee, or referring a tenant to one of her connections in Fort Lauderdale.

7 Questions with Heather:

  1. What is a personal goal you are currently working towards?

Heather: “A personal goal I am currently working toward reaching is reading non-industry material. For years, my reading solely consisted of real estate information and children’s stories. I still read industry-related material and children’s tales, but at the start of 2021 I brought back into my life leisure reading. So far, I have read: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell; buy-ology by Martin Lindstrom; English as a Second F*cking Language by Sterling Johnson; Divine Justice by David Baldacci; Lalin Bonheur by Margaret O. Howard, Wicked by Gregory Maguire, and numerous brief writings by Benjamin Franklin.”

  1. Words to live by?

Heather: “Do or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda

  1. What do our brand colors mean to you?

Heather: “Blues and greens are universally calming, and I find nearly every shade of green and blue to be attractive. When brainstorming Rybak Realty’s branding, I automatically selected blues and greens. In 2018, I reached out to Waldys Foubelo of ElectroPop (He was a past student of mine, and I just knew he would have continued his career to include art.). Waldys graciously agreed to work with me to establish Rybak Realty’s branding. Specifically with colors, he presented several blue and green combinations, and I ultimately selected what you see today as Rybak Realty.”

  1. We have a thing about numbers. What is your favorite number?

Heather: “We do have a thing about numbers. Many people do. I have a favorite number, and I know it has been my favorite number at least since my freshman year of high school. Though not my favorite number, seven (7) is noteworthy as it has the common representation of completeness. It is also considered a good number for relationships. There are seven letters in my first name. There are sevens in Rybak Realty’s main phone line. My father-in-law, Eli, pointed out that Rybak Realty’s street address has two sevens (734 Shadeville Road has a 7 at the beginning plus the combination of 3 and 4 equals 7).”

  1. We also are fans of words. Can you tell us a good word you’ve used lately?

Heather: “I talk a lot. I write often. I intend for my word choices to be appropriate though I surely spout superfluous words and phrases. There… superfluous is my ‘good word’.”

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Heather: “Five years from now I envision myself in a variety of life positions. I look forward to cheering from the stands or yelling on the sidelines of my daughters’ activities (fingers crossed my husband and I help them identify their passions and talents; it is opportunity that often leads to success). I expect to comfortably be at my Rybak Realty office surrounded by stellar employees and agents who consistently work toward reaching established personal and professional goals. I presume my husband will have found our 100 acres of Florida beauty where wildlife roams, children laugh, and he and I have fewer than 97 tasks to complete.”

  1. What is your spirit animal?

Heather: “After much discussion about with which animals I do not identify, it has been decided that an ocelot is my spirit animal. It is a petite feline that lives in warm climates.”

The team at Rybak Realty takes great pride in providing reliable real estate services. Our agents are confident and dependable, and the entire brokerage does its best to properly serve its Clients through attentiveness, follow-through, and accountability. Our mission is to help streamline the buying, selling, and renting components of real estate transactions during any step of the process. You can contact Rybak Realty at (850)745-6047 or directly contact Heather at HRybak@RybakRealty.US.