Rybak Realty Cleans Up Wakulla County

Keep Wakulla County Beautiful (KWCB.org) champions an Adopt-a-Road litter prevention program. This initiative enables citizens and businesses to show pride in Wakulla County by safely reducing the amount of unsightly trash and dangerous debris alongside county roadways.

Rybak Realty adopted a one-mile section of Cajer Posey Road in Wakulla County (two miles of total roadway). The brokerage’s intent behind this two-year adoption is to directly benefit the community through civic involvement and area beautification.

Rybak Realty’s third of four scheduled 2022 clean-ups took place on July 7th to coordinate with Florida Realtors® Clean up Florida Waters event which takes place annually throughout the month of July. An estimated 75 pounds of rubbish and debris was collected by four volunteers: Rybak Realty’s Broker/Owner, Heather Rybak; Lexi B, Rybak Realty’s Communications Coordinator; Jessica Dell, a First Commerce Credit Union Mortgage Loan Originator; and Paul Parker, Harbor Point Realty’s Broker/Owner. The most collected item during this clean-up was small pieces of Styrofoam. The grossest piece collected was child’s underwear. The most interesting piece of litter collected was a stainless-steel dental tool.

Litter has the potential to pose a threat to the health and well-being of people and wildlife. Study after study shows “clean and green” neighborhoods tend to be safer than neighborhoods littered with garbage and automobile debris. Cleanliness matters.

VOLUNTEER! Rybak Realty welcomes extra hands for its next clean-up during the fourth quarter of 2022. Visit www.RybakRealty.US, dial 850-745-6047, and follow Rybak Realty on LinkedIn for additional information.