Renowned Sculptor Benjamin Peterson Gifts “Rock My World” Masterpiece to LeMoyne Arts Garden

TALLAHASSEE – In a gracious gesture bridging art and community, celebrated sculptor Benjamin Peterson has announced the donation of his exquisite sculpture “Rock My World” to the esteemed LeMoyne Arts. Peterson, acclaimed for his innovative use of recycled metals, glass, and natural stones in creating garden sculptures, is gifting this piece as part of the expanded sculpture gardens at LeMoyne Arts. The announcement was made in anticipation of his return to the Chain of Parks Art Festival, a platform that marked his debut in 2018 and catapulted him into the hearts of Tallahassee art aficionados.
Peterson, hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, has seen his work adorn the landscapes of some of Tallahassee’s most prestigious homes and businesses. His unique artistic vision, which combines environmental consciousness with aesthetic beauty, has established him as a beloved figure among the local art community. “Rock My World” is not just a sculpture; it is Peterson’s homage to the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature, designed to resonate with the beauty of Tallahassee’s lush landscapes and vibrant community spirit.
“I am thrilled to dedicate ‘Rock My World’ to the Tallahassee community. I hope this sculpture will not only enhance the beauty of the LeMoyne Arts Garden but also inspire a deeper appreciation for the environment and our connection to it,” stated Peterson.
Echoing the sentiment of Peterson’s profound impact, Gary Yordon and Berniece Cox shared their journey of discovering Peterson’s art, which became the centerpiece of their Zen Garden, “Six years ago, we decided to border our pool with a Zen Garden of stone, wood, and glass. Despite loving the collection we had, we were missing a signature piece to bring it to life. It wasn’t until our visit to the Chain of Parks Art Festival that we found what we were searching for. Benjamin Peterson’s creation spoke directly to us, encapsulating the essence of renewed life and symbolizing our three boys through his art. His work didn’t just complement our garden; it completed it.”
Peterson’s artistic journey is as compelling as his creations. Originating from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and relocating to Florida in 2001, Peterson’s oeuvre spans metal, stone, river rocks, and slag glass, reflecting his expansive engagement with diverse materials and his respect for their intrinsic beauty. His approach is deeply influenced by his experiences with marble, slate, and granite and his mentorship under seasoned artists in welding. This eclectic background informs his signature style, seamlessly integrating industrial remnants with the natural landscape, celebrating the aged beauty of metal in harmony with nature.
The Chain of Parks Art Festival, set for April 20-21 in downtown Tallahassee, promises to be an exhilarating showcase of Peterson’s latest works alongside “Rock My World.” This event offers a glimpse into Peterson’s creative genius and solidifies his role as a pivotal figure in the Tallahassee art scene.
Kelly Dozier, Festival Chair, expressed excitement over the donation: “Benjamin Peterson’s sculptures are a testament to the dynamic interplay between art and nature. Having ‘Rock My World’ in LeMoyne’s garden enriches our collection and offers visitors a unique opportunity to engage with Peterson’s vision. This donation is a significant addition to Tallahassee’s cultural landscape, inviting all who visit LeMoyne Arts to experience the transformative power of art.”
Peterson’s donation of “Rock My World” to the LeMoyne Arts Garden is a landmark moment for the Tallahassee community, symbolizing the enduring power of art to connect, inspire, and beautify our shared environments.
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