René Bruer and George Smith, Smith Bruer Advisors

George Smith, Smith Bruer Advisors

When George Smith and René Bruer founded Smith Bruer Advisors in 2015, they had one goal: to change how financial services are offered in the community. As fee-only, fiduciary financial advisors in the Tallahassee region, they take pride in providing unbiased financial planning and retirement plan services.

Combined, Smith and Bruer bring decades of experience in the financial industry to their roles as co-CEOs. Smith started his career in healthcare and made the shift to the financial industry over 20 years ago, and Bruer served in the Marines and worked in the government sector before joining the financial industry in 2007.

With offices in Tallahassee and Colorado Springs, they are proud to serve each client with their best interest in mind. “Our conviction about being fee-only, full-time fiduciaries helps us to differentiate ourselves and avoid conflicts of interest, many of which are not transparent, that are inherent in the broader financial services industry. When people learn how a fee-only firm can benefit them they want to learn more,” says Smith.

As an independent firm, Smith Bruer Advisors can be nimble in their approach and lead with creative solutions that larger firms may not be able to or refuse to provide. An example is the firm’s offering of a pooled employer plan (PEP).

Smith emphasizes, “If a CEO or HR manager wants to reduce their risk and time spent managing their retirement plan while increasing employee financial education and wellness, Smith Bruer Advisors is where you want to go.”

When it comes to success, Smith attributes what their firm has accomplished to the power of a strong culture and cohesive team, “Nobody succeeds alone and we’ve always believed that. You’re only as good as your weakest link.”

René Bruer, Smith Bruer Advisors

This mentality of shared success is a key part of the culture Smith and Bruer have created at their firm. They work hard to foster an environment where people want to work and have the freedom to grow.

Another important part of this culture is investing in the local community, both collectively and individually. Smith and Bruer encourage each member of the team to give back in the areas they’re passionate about.

“We are honored to give our time and money to causes in which we believe, many of which have touched us personally. Whether it is being a golf instructor for Special Olympics, packing books and meals for Hunger Fight or supporting our veterans, children with diabetes, housing for persons with disabilities or those who care for individuals in their last stages of life, we enjoy giving back to the communities where we live and work,” says Smith.

This community-first mindset has remained at the core of what Smith and Bruer do. Smith says, “For us, part of why we started Smith Bruer is that we fundamentally want to change how financial services are delivered in the communities in which we operate…That’s one way we can help improve people’s lives, and if their lives improve, that helps improve the community.”

To learn more about Smith Bruer Advisors, visit their website or call their office at (850) 877-0803.