Proof Brewing Co. Becomes First Craft Brewery In Florida To Implement Earthly Labs Technology

Proof Brewing Company has partnered with Earthly Labs, an Austin, TX based company, to become the first craft brewery in Florida to implement carbon capture technology to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Earthly Labs plug-and-play carbon capture technology called CiCi®, enables craft breweries like Proof Brewing Co. to capture more than 100,000 pounds of waste CO2 or more than 1,500 trees worth of CO2 from the brewing process each year and reuse it to carbonate and package beer. This is one way Proof Brewing Co. is recycling its waste, improving its environmental performance, and giving back to its community for Earth Day.

“We are committed to improving our sustainability and carbon footprint for our local community and consumers,” said Founder Byron Burroughs. “This technology allows us to help our environment but also our commitment to innovation by brewing even better beer.”

The Earthly Labs CiCi unit will be installed at Proof Brewing Co. in Tallahassee this summer. The CO2 will be used to carbonate beer distributed throughout Florida and available in Proof Brewpub. A special beer release will be made available in Summer celebrating the launch, and the public will be invited for the Earthly drop.

“As a fellow Floridian, I am so proud to have Proof Brewing as our first Florida customer, using an Earthly Labs CO2 capture unit in my home state,” said CEO Amy George. “In addition to making great beer, better, Proof is leading the way for blue skies in the Sunshine State, reducing CO2 emissions every day.”

Since the global pandemic, Earthly Labs has witnessed the effect of CO2 supply chain risk in some regions, including Florida, resulting in CO2 price spikes and surge or force majeure pricing. Earthly Labs technology allows breweries to supplement CO2 supply by capturing and using their own natural CO2, which has fewer hydrocarbons and other impurities. To learn visit