‘Vote No on Amendment 4’ to Host Message Training

The Leon County Executive Committee for the Vote No on Amendment 4 will be hosting message training to assist the teams who will be part of speakers and writers bureaus. This training will concentrate on how to present the key reasons that we should all “Vote No on 4”:

·Amendment 4 will cost jobs, raise taxes and hurt Florida’s economy.

· A local version of Amendment 4 has already caused higher taxes, fewer jobs and more lawsuits in one Florida town.

· Amendment 4 will cost taxpayers millions and lead to chaos at the polls.

· This amendment is so poorly written that it doesn’t even provide exceptions for vital community needs such as hospitals, police stations and schools.

· Amendment 4 is opposed by a broad and diverse coalition because it may “kill jobs” and “encourage sprawl.”

We will update you on more ways to get involved. More information on the amendment can be found at www.florida2010.org.

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