New Online Training Program Educates Local Workplaces About Human Trafficking

Workers and managers at area businesses now have an opportunity to join the fight against human trafficking thanks to the launch on March 3 of STACPRO, a free, online, on-demand training program created by the Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center (STAC). Funded by Leon County government, STACPRO is meant to empower all businesses, workplaces and employees with greater knowledge about how to recognize and respond if they suspect sex or labor trafficking.

STACPRO was created because the Leon County Commission determined there was a need for all businesses to know how to identify human trafficking and take action in order to help survivors and hold traffickers accountable.

The goal of this free, on-demand certificate training is to help the thousands of businesses and workplaces in Leon County know what to look for so they can see the signs of human trafficking and react safely. This training will be useful to all workplaces: hotels, restaurants, the financial sector, retail outlets, offices, for-profit and non-profit sectors alike, and many more. Businesses and workplaces that complete the training will receive special public recognition.

“This training is special. Not only is it comprehensive, it is tailored to our area and to the needs and realities that we face here in Leon County every day,” said Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor, who has spearheaded the effort. “A community that is informed and proactively addresses human trafficking is a community that is safer for everyone,” he explained.

STACPRO is now live and the registration is available to everyone at