How Do Metrics and Scalability Factor In When Selecting The Best Learning Management System (LMS) For Your Company?

As business owners and non-profit leaders, we identify our goals first, then build out the systems and hire the right people to help us achieve those goals. Modern learning, like modern business, is results-driven. Selecting the best learning management system for your enterprise never starts with tactical considerations like price. Instead, it starts with the strategic, like what was your growth trend for the past 5 years, and what is your growth forecast for the next 5 years? That’s because there are 800+ LMS providers, whose software solutions and support apparatus all vary widely. And each vendor brings both pros and cons, so there is no generic LMS that fits every company’s individual needs.

If you are considering making the investment in an LMS for your organization, please read our 5-minute guide for members of the Chamber at on steps you can take to survey, compare, test and finally select the ideal solution to enable employee growth. Then if you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Dr. Sue Ebbers by calling (850) 445-6303 or emailing