May 2019 Job Numbers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Tallahassee metropolitan area continues to see a steady climb in the total number of jobs in the area. In the month of May, there were 187,500 jobs reported which is an increase of 4,000 jobs over the same month last year. This 2.2% increase marks the 44th straight month in which the jobs totals were higher than the previous year.
May is typically the beginning of one of two slow seasons for jobs in Tallahassee. Each Summer, the total amount of jobs decreases by a few thousand as the seasonal work from the Spring peak employment levels tapers off. When compared to April 2019, the jobs total for May is a decrease, but the more important trend to look for is what happened compared to the same month last year.
The job totals for May 2019 were the highest on record for the month. Tallahassee has shown growth in the May jobs totals every year since 2012. The past five years have seen May totals climb by over 18,000 jobs. Based on recent trends, it is reasonable to expect these trends to continue with the upcoming summer months as well.
The leading industries for job growth in May 2019 were as follows:
Other – 6.4%
Construction – 6.0%
Logistics – 4.5%
Hospitality – 4.5%
Manufacturing – 3.1%
Financial – 2.5%
Professional Services – 2.3%
Healthcare – 1.7%
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