Matthew Loscialo, Vacation Trip Guides

Vacation Trip Guides was born in an unexpected way – through photography. Matthew Loscialo, a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and President of Vacation Trip Guides, is a long-time lover of cruises and travel. With a background in business, he knew he wanted to start his own company but wasn’t quite sure where exactly he wanted to land. Throughout his personal travels, Matthew started capturing the beauty of the places he visited through a camera lens… and others started to take notice. His hobby turned into a passion – a passion for landscape photography. His photos got around and got great feedback. He has won awards both nationally and on a state level in New Jersey with the Professional Photographers of America. All of a sudden, his passion became his purpose and his dream of starting his own business became a reality. He wanted to help people find their next destination of fun, relaxation, and adventure so they could also see the beauty that he saw through his camera lens. From there, Vacation Trip Guides was born!

Vacation Trip Guides specializes in ocean and river cruises, setting sail from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and everywhere in between. Matthew helps clients book excursions at their port of call, allowing cruisers to visit historic sites, such as hiking through the jungles of Mexico and seeing the ruins of past civilizations. River cruises offer a more relaxed atmosphere. While drifting through Europe on the Seine, Rhone, Saone, or Rhine Rivers, your chef will take you on a dinner excursion, preparing meals specific to the region you are cruising through to give you an authentic experience. You will also get to enjoy local talent while on board or at a port of call, giving you the all-around experience. Matthew is also very well-versed in all-inclusive resorts, Universal, Disney World and so much more. He can help you find the perfect match for your vacation.

Matthew takes pride in really getting to know his clients. He starts by learning your travel wishes and then nails down every aspect of the trip, from your preference for ship or resort size to your budgetary goals. He wants to ensure that your experience is unforgettable. Vacation Trip Guides has been BBB approved and is accredited by the American Society of Travel Advisors and many other prominent travel groups.

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