Local STEM Charter School Still Accepting K-Third Grade Enrollment Applications for 2021-2022

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Parents looking for a unique and tuition-free, STEM-focused educational environment still have the opportunity to enroll their students at the Tallahassee School of Math and Science (TSMS) for 2021-2022. TSMS works to promote a lifelong love of learning in all of its students and still has several slots available for K-Third grade for the upcoming school year.

The principal of TSMS, Ahmet Temel, emphasizes the precautions and preparation the school is taking to navigate the impacts of COVID-19. “With mandatory masks, frequent sanitization of public areas and offering remote learning options through our E-learning Academy, we are making sure we can keep our students safe while still learning and being engaged,” he explained. “I am proud to say that our academic expectations have not faltered due to our new circumstances and our staff has found ways to adapt and still offer excellent services, including our at-home visits, while adhering to health and safety precautions.”

TSMS has made many changes over the past year, not just in terms of remote learning, but on their campus as well. “Our brand new middle school building opened in August of 2020 and includes a new teachers’ lounge, media center, STEM lab and classrooms for our students,” Principal Temel said. “This additional building has expanded our campus and allowed us to safely accommodate social distancing guidelines. We now have plenty of room to welcome a new class of students to the TSMS family.”
TSMS is designed to provide a research-based curriculum and offers a number of free extracurricular activities – such as robotics, Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad and college tutoring, as well as soccer, basketball and art – to allow students an opportunity to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom. TSMS recognizes the importance of student-parent-teacher relationships for a student’s academic success. Parents can enjoy real-time access to student grades and test results, and also enjoy knowing that their child is receiving the individual attention necessary to achieve their personal goals.
To apply online, please visit www.schoolofmathandscience.org.
About TSMS:
The Tallahassee School of Math and Science (TSMS) is a tuition-free, non-profit, public charter school located in Leon County. Founded in 2015, TSMS serves students within the entire county, making it one of the most diversely populated schools in the area. This A-rated school provides students with a well-rounded elementary and middle school (K–8) education and places special emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as reading, in its curriculum. For more information, please visit www.schoolofmathandscience.org.