Local Entrepreneurship Launch Kicks Collective

There is a powerful saying people use to express their appreciation for each other’s strengths and what differences they bring to the table. The saying is “Stronger Together.” In October of 2020, Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet (CEO of RUVOS) decided that he wanted to impact the lives of children near and far, using shoes as the focus. But how? He knew there were complex community issues needing support and awareness, but he was only one person. He then invited a diverse group of individuals and business owners to a table to share their expertise and ideas. Chirag Shah (The Current Agency), Jim Sherwood (The Canvas Project), Juan Vasquez (RUVOS), and Morgan Evers (FINACIOUS) each arrived willing and ready to play a part. It was then The Kicks Collective came into reality.

Learn more at www.kickscollective.art